Posted by: Yamil Domínguez | March 29, 2012

Total Injustice

As I mentioned before, that later I would talk about the injustices that still remain in Cuban prisons, and their systems of torture in the process of interrogations that are so hidden from the world. A system designed to establish their totalitarianism and the State terror that under no circumstances can promote the exercise of law; of course the criminal violations are so many that this society of terror could not move against common citizens who understand and know their rights.

First, they could not undertake with impunity their tortures in the systems of interrogation. they could not pressure or coerce to obtain a false statement that would be invalid in a court that complies with the law and not the Inquisition under the interest and terror of the State.

The measure of clemency to the limited number of 3000 prisoners is entirely inadequate and disrespectful to the people and the thousands and thousands of families who suffer the consequence of a state that promotes indiscriminate arrests and pre-determined trials even when there is irrefutable proof of innocence the person is still punished.

Then imagine if for those who have not committed a crime or infraction they are prosecuted and sanctioned in a court no matter how many elements there are in favor of of the defendant making clear his innocence, we can imagine then that there are those who did commit a crime and the inventions that are added on to condemn him to a penalty greater than that for the crime committed.

So the prisons in Cuba are full. The Cuban government should greatly increase the number of pardons, but most still see the base of the problem that has made a great majority of young people prisoners and every Cuban family is living with the bitter experience of having a member in prison or knowing of the cruel methods of tortures in the so-called interrogation centers.

If we talk about those who already take advantage of their conditional liberty — i.e. parole — and even in this they can delay and postpone it, not to mention suspend it without justification. Discrimination against Cubans living abroad whom they take advantage of is another of the crimes in Cuban prisons, imposing a forced repatriation, making them renounce their foreign residence which is supposed to make the world believe that they are sorry they live outside Cuba, or on the contrary forcing them to serve criminal sentences and complete them without ever getting parole, which is almost half the sentence, taking into account that a year in prison is ten months, but they don’t even get that discount, much less of they are residents in the European Union.

Instead they have to comply with Resolution number 9 from the “People’s Supreme Court” of Cuba, approved in December 2009, where it establishes that deportation for those citizens resident abroad at the midpoint of their sentences, or it can be for their state of health or other factor. But it is never met and after speaking about a very particular case among the many, there is clear evidence of that.

March 25 2012

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